Download or mail – that’s the question now

When downloading you were in prison with one foot for a long time.

Music download was at the beginning of the Internet until well beyond the first decade of this century often a criminal activity. Various copyright regulations have now legalized these possibilities and many publishers and music producers now offer this form of legal trade themselves. For some months now you have been able to find a link to these legal sites on certain works, where you can – for a fee – buy the whole work or parts of it and print it yourself. Some publishers have price differences between print and download editions, others have the same price. We have no influence on this. But the advantage is that with many downloads you can also buy individual voices. This is practical and works fast and unproblematic.

Over 2400 wind orchestra works are already included in the download list. In addition to these complete editions, additional scores and individual voices are also available for direct printing. Choral music has more than 1,400 titles, although publishers often offer a minimum quantity. In the field of ensemble literature there are currently more than 2,700 works on the list and in the complex of solo literature there are even more than 8,000 titles.

By the way, there are also over 1,200 CDs in our database, which you can buy and download either completely or individually. This is a service that you won’t find so quickly on other databases.

Unfortunately, there are also some limitations: Contracts between international publishers prohibit downloads of some works in certain countries. There will be a message that the download is “unfortunately forbidden in your country”. Sorry, we have no influence on that and in this case there is only the usual way of postal order.

If you want to search for specific issues with download, use the filter “External Download-Link” in the search mask. This logo External download link also indicates where downloads are available.

Yours sincerely, Helmut Schwaiger

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