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1000 new concert announcements

Basics for concert announcements are an important part of an informative database. At a strong focus is therefore placed on this information, with additional links to further sources of knowledge almost always being offered. This gives you the comprehensive possibility to create your own individually designed concert announcements. In …

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Abbreviations and detailed search

In the age of WhatsApp, Instagram and text messages via mobile phone, more or less understandable abbreviations and symbols have generally crept into the language. Also on abbreviations are used, which are not only for quick information, but also allow automatic translation into other languages of the database. However, …

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D4 – contest pieces of the BDMV updated

After updating the competition pieces for medium wind orchestras in September, the list of advanced orchestras with over 163 compositions is now complete, valid for Germany. According to information from the “Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Musikverbände e.V.”, the current self-selection list consists exclusively of works for wind orchestra and is divided into …

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