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Musical challenges: Competitions and performance shows in the focus of the BDMV.

The Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Musikverbände e.V. (BDMV) is an impressive community of over 1.1 million people who have dedicated themselves to the promotion and cultivation of music in Germany. This diverse organization includes active musicians of all ages, sustaining members and honorary members who work together to support a vibrant and thriving music scene across the country.

A look at the BDMV’s membership figures illustrates the impressive size and diversity of this organization. Over 255,000 active musicians under the age of 27 and more than 216,000 active musicians over the age of 27 form the heart of this community. They are the ones who make music day after day with passion and commitment, keeping Germany’s rich musical tradition alive.

Competitions and performance shows play a central role in the world of brass music. They offer musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, compete with like-minded people and develop further. In Germany, the Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Musikverbände e.V. (BDMV) is a leading institution in this field, and it has now created a two-part collection of works that covers all performance levels and is directly linked to

The creation of a comprehensive list of works is an important step for the BDMV and its members. This list includes a wide range of works that cover the different performance levels and requirements of the musicians. From simple pieces for beginners to challenging compositions for advanced ensembles, there is something for everyone.

The connection with is a particularly valuable addition to this collection of works. is a comprehensive online database for wind music works, offering a wealth of information on composers, scores and recordings. Thanks to the direct link to this database, members of the BDMV can easily access background information on the compositions, even if they are not members of the non-profit“Verein für Musikinformation” (the operator of the database). This cooperation between the BDMV and helps BDMV members to better understand the works and to prepare themselves optimally for their performances.

In addition, the connection with also strengthens cooperation and exchange within the brass music community. By having access to a common platform, musicians, conductors and music teachers can exchange information, support each other and learn from each other. This fosters a sense of community and togetherness that makes the brass music scene in Germany so strong and vibrant.

All in all, the BDMV’s two-part collection of works, combined with, is an important resource for musicians and music lovers throughout Germany. It offers a wide selection of works for competitions and shows and facilitates access to important background information. In this way, it contributes to enriching the brass band scene and promoting the musical development of its members.

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