Yasuhide Ito: a master of music

Composer, pianist and conductor Yasuhide Ito is a member of the faculty of “Tokyo University”, where he wrote his thesis in 1986. Today he also teaches at the “Senzoku College of Music”, the “Sakuyo Music College” and “Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi”. Yasuhide Ito also belongs to the “Japanese Society” for contemporary music and the “Japanese Bandmasters Association”. Ito’s “Festal Scenes” was his first major work for band and was first performed in the U.S. at a joint event of the “American Bandmasters Association” and the “Japanese Band Association” in Tennessee. As a composer and arranger, he received the “Academy Prize” from the “Bandmasters Academy Society of Japan” and many other awards for his contributions to the development of Japanese band music.

A large selection of his works and arrangements can be found on musicainfo.net. If the next concert is to include a Japanese touch, the works of Yasuhide Ito are an excellent contribution.

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