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“Gut’ Ding braucht Weil'” (A good thing takes time) is an old German proverb. This also applies to the new web radio as a supplement to the sheet music database. To make up for it, it just took a while and I think the long wait was worth it. You can find the new radio at So the is your Spotify as support to your musical work. But also to discover new pieces. The login to the radio is the same as on In the radio itself you can create your own collection of your works found on You can make this listing public or use it for your private purposes only. You can follow playlists that have been made public, add individual tracks from them to your own collection, and much more.

From simple ways to listen to tracks to complex listings, comments and ratings, there are numerous application areas available. Our webmasters have tried to implement as many wishes and suggestions as possible that have been made by members over the last few months. At the same time, the system is open for further improvements in the future.

When we explain the next steps in easy-to-understand terms, we ask computer professionals to understand. We are thus addressing those who are not so adept at using computers.

This is your personal page

On the home page, at the top, click on your name

This is how you get to your personal page.

Here you can see which tracks have been played by you recently (Recently played), you can switch to your own playlist(s) (Playlists), decide which other fellow musicians you want to follow (Follow me) or check who is following you (Follow me). In the “Chronicle” you will find some statistical figures.

As the simplest form you can search a track either with copied item number or as title text. Provided that the piece is marked with the small radio receiver in

Copy number or title of the work:

…..and on the web radio:

If you search with the article number, exactly the desired track comes up, if you search for work title, all works with this title come up. For example, search for the title “Rosamunde” and compare the arrangements, then you have this selection:

As soon as you select a track from the list, the track will be loaded to the webradio

Press the “Play” button to open the radio and play the track:

So this is the simplest way to play music.

The next concert is to be held under the theme “Fairy tales and legends from the Orient”. Put together your own program for this purpose. In the database you enter the corresponding terms in the line “Full text search”: Fairy Tales Legends Orient Activate also the filter “Recording in request concert”, because you want only such compositions, from which a track is available in the web radio. Start search. It will come this list.

Now copy the item number and paste it into the web radio. Sound recording appears. To collect this recording into a list press the Add to Temporary Playlist button:

On the right, a list will open collecting all the selected titles. If you have entered all the desired works here, the whole thing is a so-called “temporary collection”. So you have to save them so that the list is not lost.

To save press the “Add to Playlist” button and then choose either “Add to New Playlist” or you can add the additional tracks to an already existing playlist.

The “temporary playlist” is saved into an “active playlist”. You will then find them in the “Playlists” folder

You can now give this list its own name by pressing the cogwheel (far right). It comes this fenter:

Enter the desired title in the name field. In the “Type” field you can make the list public or use it only for yourself. Save, done!

Of course, you can delete tracks from the list or add them with “add to existing playlist”. All persons from your music club, who have access to your account data, can also work on this playlist or compile their own playlists.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just write an email to

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