Literature database “Polka, Waltz, March”

Polka, waltz and march are among the musical roots of Austrian and Central European wind music. For many years, the Austrian Wind Music Association (ÖBV) has maintained its own self-selection list for this genre. This list, which is constantly updated and renewed, is now also included in the sheet music database, supplemented with numerous articles, information and sound recordings.

The collection contains approx. 200 compositions in the levels A to D. You can find the list by entering “Wind Orchestra/HaFaBra” in the line “Full text search” in the database: Literaturdatenbank für Polka Walzer und Marsch. Or the abbreviation PWM-at. Of course, you can also limit the SW degree, where A corresponds to degree 1, B = 2, C = 3 and D = 4.

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