Who hasn’t had enough Corona yet?

Coronaut March – a reckoning with the Corona pandemic.

I’m getting tired of hearing that word: Corona. Nevertheless, every now and then we are asked whether there is a work concerning the corona pandemic. In fact, there are several works that have “corona” in the title, because the word is another term for “fermata” in music.

Therefore these works cannot be taken for the musical description of Corona disease. They just happen to have the same name.

We are actually only aware of one work that was written in relation to the disease. Namely, the Coronaut March by Heinrich Stettner: The challenging handling of the corona pandemic from 2020 onwards and the associated shutdown has also had serious repercussions in the cultural landscape, for example in the field of film-opera-acting-concert-theatre-small art, to name but a few. The wind music scene has also been hit hard by the shutdown. These circumstances have prompted the composer to compose this march and hopefully give joy and motivation for the time after. The work has been published by Verlag Abel, Austria.

If you know of another work on this subject, please let us know.

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