New publications early summer 2020

We can’t do without the word Corona for new publications either, because the crisis has not left the publishing houses unaffected. Nevertheless, numerous new publications have come onto the market or we have added works to the database. In addition to the new entries, existing works are, of course, constantly being supplemented with new information. To date, approximately 12,500 works have been provided with programme notes. About 75,000 works contain a score and 65.000 a sound sample. More than 33,000 titles have their own complete recordings, which are stored on our servers and are available to members via web radio. In addition, we have linked one or more videos to more than 11,000 works and almost 17,000 works have a download link.

New publications and new recordings in the wind music (symphonic band) sector

New publications and new recordings at the sector Ensemble Music

All new publications in 2020

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