Invitation to the General Assembly

According to the Austrian law on associations, a general assembly is to be held this year. Due to the Corona pandemic, the Board has decided not to hold a public meeting. The accounts for 2018 and 2019 were audited by a public tax office; no objections were found. As the association is non-profit, we are not allowed to make any profits. At the end of 2019, there was a plus on our bank account in the amount needed for the ongoing operations for one year. There are no outstanding liabilities. It is proposed to confirm the current board for another two years:

Doris Stadlmann, President Rudolf Josef Hödl, Deputy Chairman Sigrid Stadler, Secretary Juliane Pierer-Kliment, Deputy Secretary Johanna Heissl, cashier Günther Stadler, Deputy Treasurer Harald Loidl, First Auditor Rudolf Schwaiger, 2nd auditor

If you as a member agree with this election proposal, you do not need to react. If you have other proposals, please inform us by 20.06.2020. The Executive Committee will meet on 27.06.2020 and discuss any proposed amendments. If the majority of the members agree with the above proposal, the board is considered confirmed.

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