Correct transfers, not only from Switzerland

Why are payment orders returned?

As is well known, Switzerland is a very correct country. Since Switzerland joined the European payment traffic years ago, problems have repeatedly occurred when the recipient data did not match the account holder’s data exactly. In these cases, the amount was and is posted back to the account of the originator. In the meantime, however, other European countries are now proceeding in the same way as the banks in Switzerland.

We have already pointed out this problem several times in our newsletter and a corresponding note is also appropriate on the member bills. Therefore here again the exact recipient data:

Verein für Musikinformation
4802 Ebensee, Schulerberg 14
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank Salzkammergut eGen
IBAN: AT83 3451 0000 0582 3596

If, for example, you specify “Notendatenbank” or “MusicaInfo” as the recipient, or even a name of a member of the board (such as the name of former president Helmut Schwaiger or cashier/finance Johanna Heissl), the amount will be returned to the client.

Sorry, these bank arrangements are unfortunately beyond our control, so we ask for your understanding.

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