Japanese publisher cooperates with Holland

The new Tirolff Music Catalogue “Ritual Pictures

Often the paths are very winding. For example, if you need notes from Japan. The delivery goes from the publisher “Brain Music”: first the sheet music went to the publisher Bravo Music in the USA and then via different ways to the dealer in Europe and finally to the customer.

This has now changed because the publisher Tierolff from the Netherlands was able to reach a cooperation agreement. The Tierolff editions now go directly to Japan and vice versa. The advantage for the customer is also obvious: Japanese editions become cheaper as distribution channels become shorter. Delivery times are also much shorter because Tierolff has set up a large warehouse for the works of Brain Music. (For America, Bravo Music will continue to deliver. They can therefore continue to benefit from the advantages that European musicians now have.)

The new Tierolff catalogue contains many of these works, but not only Japanese music, but also many works from Central Europe and from composers to other countries of the world, including film music and arrangements from pop and rock.

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