When horrible monsters appear on stage…

A huge, remotely human-like winged creature with claws on its arms and legs and a head full of tentacles, as reported by several documents left behind by the late Francis Wayland Thurston. A supernatural being named Cthulhu, whose existence is indicated by a repulsive relief. Does this monster really exist, or is it fiction?

Master magicians appear with a magical ritual and conjure up a supernatural universe. A general ecstasy mixes with hidden fear and is surrounded by bewitching sweetness and enchants the listener.

The march of Roman gladiators remains in lasting memory as they originate from the successful film Ben Hur. They are the charioteers of the famous Circus Maximus scene. The parade is accompanied by the music of Miklos Rozsa: the Parade of the Charioteers .

Finally, all the monsters and creatures of days gone by disappear with a journey to the stratosphere, where they dissolve like wafts of mist. You can find this and more in the new HaFaBra catalogue “Brigth music“.

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