A concert without applause?

The whole orchestra is excited. The concert begins. First title – well played. But there is no applause. After the second title: no applause. The conductor and the musicians are nervous. What’s the matter, everyone asks themselves?

Sure, that’s a very hypothetical description of a scene. There is always a reaction. Well, what I’m getting at is: we would also be happy if we got a reaction to our newsletter. Maybe you know a piece about the zodiac sign Aries. As a reaction to our report “Compositions by authors under the zodiac sign of Aries are powerful, strong and impetuous.

Or do you recommend a special work on “Literature Selection for Film Music Musical Pop“? Perhaps you have experience with works from the publishing house bvt, fit our theme “BVT Music GCV Musikverlag for 6 years successful“.

Or you have a special concert announcement for a work presented in this newsletter. Or to another composition. Every reaction is a valuable detail for us. Of course you can also comment on our work.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your team from
Association for Music Information

2 thoughts on “A concert without applause?”

  1. My Dog Sings Too

    Nicely done! You definitely caught me with my hands in my lap. From now on, the comments section will not be an emblem of everyone looking at each other and wondering if now is the time to applaud.

  2. Xandra Zijlstra

    maybe it’s an idea to make an app from musicainfo. The site does not work well on mobile and tablet.
    I like to search in your files. That works fine via the computer!

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