The whole orchestra is excited. The concert begins. First title – well played. But there is no applause. After the second title: no applause. The conductor and the musicians are nervous. What’s the matter, everyone asks themselves?

Sure, that’s a very hypothetical description of a scene. There is always a reaction. Well, what I’m getting at is: we would also be happy if we got a reaction to our newsletter. Maybe you know a piece about the zodiac sign Aries. As a reaction to our report “Compositions by authors under the zodiac sign of Aries are powerful, strong and impetuous.

Or do you recommend a special work on “Literature Selection for Film Music Musical Pop“? Perhaps you have experience with works from the publishing house bvt, fit our theme “BVT Music GCV Musikverlag for 6 years successful“.

Or you have a special concert announcement for a work presented in this newsletter. Or to another composition. Every reaction is a valuable detail for us. Of course you can also comment on our work.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your team from
Association for Music Information