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Neuheiten, Neuerscheinungen
Alfred/Belwin Concert Band 2019

The publishing house Alfred/Belwin (USA) offers a very rounded program in its new program “Concertband 2018-2019“. From the beginner of level 0+ up to the absolutely highest demands of level 5, there is a rich program available. Original compositions by contemporary composers stand alongside popular music, classical transcriptions alongside educational works. I would like to present some highlights here, you will find the entire programme at the end of this information.

Fantasia on British Sea Songs: Sir Henry J. Wood (1869–1944) wrote his Fantasia on British Sea Songs in 1905 to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of Admiral Lord Nelson’s defeat of the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar. This wonderful concert band arrangement incorporates five of Wood’s selected themes: “The Saucy Arethusa,” “Tom Bowling,” “Jack’s the Lad,” “Farewell and Adieu,” and “See, the Conquering Hero Comes.” You’ll recognize the themes, if not the original names. (SW-Grade 4; 7’58”)

LEGO Ninjago Movie, The: Selections from the Motion Picture Soundtrack: is a 2017 3D computer-animated martial arts adventure-comedy film based on the toy line of the same name. Directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan from a screenplay by Logan, Fisher, William Wheeler, Tom Wheeler, Jared Stern and John Whittington, it is the first theatrical film to be based on an original Lego property and the third installment of The Lego Movie franchise as well as the second spin-off of the franchise. Every register has a chance at the melody. This medley brings the tension of the film to the concert stage! From the blockbuster film music this electrifying medley is presented: Heroes; Found My Place; Operation New Me; (SW-Grade 2; 4’14”)

The Masque of the Red Death, is an 1842 short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The story follows Prince Prospero’s attempts to avoid a dangerous plague, known as the Red Death, by hiding in his abbey. He, along with many other wealthy nobles, hosts a masquerade ball within seven rooms of the abbey, each decorated with a different color. In the midst of their revelry, a mysterious figure disguised as a Red Death victim enters and makes his way through each of the rooms. Prospero dies after confronting this stranger, whose “costume” proves to contain nothing tangible inside it; the guests also die in turn. Poe’s story follows many traditions of Gothic fiction and is often analyzed as an allegory about the inevitability of death, though some critics advise against an allegorical reading. Many different interpretations have been presented, as well as attempts to identify the true nature of the titular disease. The story was first published in May 1842 in Graham’s Magazine and has since been adapted in many different forms, including a 1964 film starring Vincent Price. Additionally, it has been alluded to by other works in many types of media. (SW-Grade 2; 3’13”)

One Foot s a song by American rock band Walk the Moon for their third studio album, What If Nothing (2017). The song was released as the album’s lead single on September 22, 2017. Billboard said the song “encourages the same ecstatic abandon as ‘Shut Up and Dance’ but, unlike its ’90s-worshipping predecessor, follows EDM logic with a gravity-defying beat drop and reverberating vocals.” Eli Maiman said: “It’s indicative of the album’s ‘bigger, epic sound’.” Nicholas Petricca said: “‘One Foot’ is facing the void. The last record, we felt like we had a lot of answers. This time, we have a bunch of questions. (SW-Grade 2+; 2′!5”)

Oracles of the Sirocco: Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and can reach hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe, especially during the summer season. This wind emanates exotic energy, creating feelings of introspection and adventure captured in the mystical messages that seem to reside in the breeze. It arises from a warm, dry, tropical airmass that is pulled northward by low-pressure cells moving eastward across the Mediterranean Sea, with the wind originating in the Arabian or Sahara deserts. The hotter, drier continental air mixes with the cooler, wetter air of the maritime cyclone, and the counter-clockwise circulation of the low propels the mixed air across the southern coasts of Europe. The sirocco causes dusty dry conditions along the northern coast of Africa, storms in the Mediterranean Sea, and cool wet weather in Europe. The sirocco’s duration may be as short as half a day or may last several days. While passing over the Mediterranean Sea, the sirocco picks up moisture; this results in rainfall in the southern part of Italy, known locally as “blood rain” due to the red sand mixed with the falling rain. Many people attribute health problems to the sirocco, either because of the heat and dust along the African coastal regions, or because of the cool dampness in Europe. The dust within the sirocco winds can cause abrasion in mechanical devices and penetrate buildings.

The Sound of the Eastern Shore: Inspired by the quaint Alabama town of Daphne —a charming gulf coast community on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay known as “The Jubilee City.” Full of cinematic melodies and exciting themes, this original work celebrates the town’s charismatic style and character in jubilant fashion. Opening with a bold fanfare, the musical journey ebbs and flows with contrasting themes showcasing every section and builds to a dramatic conclusion. (SW-Grade 3+; 3’41”)

Wonder Woman: From beginning to end, this music from throughout the hit movie, Wonder Woman, is passionate and driven by strong emotions. Catch the explosive and engaging film action in this intense, yet flowing arrangement by Victor López that captures the melodic contours, explosive dynamics, and time signature changes found in this fabulous music. This piece frequently changes tempo and often requires cueing, making it perfect for working on watching the conductor! (SW-Grade 2+; 3’57”)

Compositions for Beginners
Compositions for Grade 1 und 2:
Compositions for Grade 3 und 4
Compositions for Grade 5 und 6
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